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Step 1

Nomination by a current General Manager of a current Distinguished Club

Step 2

Evaluation by a tenured and credentialed site surveyor

Step 3

Designation awarded to those that have earned it

The Distinguished Clubs Designation Program is a
3-Step Merit Based Process


In order for a club to participate in the Distinguished Clubs designation program, it must first be officially nominated by the Distinguished Clubs Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee is comprised of the current general managers of our Distinguished Clubs. This is a diverse group of some of the most highly regarded leaders in the private club industry.

The Nomination Committee is not directly involved or responsible in any way for the actual evaluation, scoring, or awarding of the designation. What the committee members do provide is critical, ongoing support and oversight, and to this end, the BoardRoom staff supplies them with a yearly report that includes a thorough review of the overall award process, the training and certification of our on-site evaluators, as well the criteria formula used to evaluate clubs.

In this way, the Nomination Committee helps maintain the value and integrity of BoardRoom magazine’s strong commitment to help strengthen the private club industry by recognizing fine private clubs through the all-important lens of Member Experience.


All clubs that have been formally nominated by the Distinguished Clubs Nomination Committee, that have been surveyed in person by a tenured and credentialed Distinguished Clubs survey professional as previously outlined, and that have thereafter earned a Net Promoter Score and Distinguished Clubs Member Experience Score which stratifies the minimum standard will thereby have earned the Distinguished Clubs designation. Clubs may qualify for either Exceptional, Elite or Iconic designation status.

“Introducing defined metrics and distinguished practices that both determine and enhance the Member Experience is a one-of-a-kind benefit for all Distinguished Clubs. It is a true honor for Mayfield Sand Ridge to be recognized among this roster of the top Clubs in the industry.”

Dan DeCrow, General Manager,
Mayfield Sand Ridge Club

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Since we began the Distinguished Clubs award program, we have conducted over 500 in-person onsite survey visits and,
along the way, have personally interviewed several thousand general managers and leadership staff.

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