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Member Experience Defined

Distinguished Clubs emphasizes a comprehensive approach to enhancing member experience through a set of five quality standards. These standards are supported by 37 specific Distinguished Practices, which serve as the criteria for evaluating and ensuring excellence within the club. The evaluation of member experience is conducted through a proprietary formulaic approach, encapsulating the essence of what makes a club truly distinguished.

This formula, ME = IQ + SQ + GQ + FQ + PQ, represents Member Experience as the sum of Intangible Quality, Service Quality, Governance Quality, Facility Quality, and Product Quality. Together, these components and practices define the framework for delivering an unparalleled club experience, focusing on every aspect that contributes to the satisfaction and enjoyment of its members.

We Verify Member Experience.
Through our merit-based evaluation process, we spotlight these outstanding clubs who have earned this distinguished designation.

John Fornaro, CEO of Distinguished Clubs, LLC Co-Founder, Owner, & Publisher of BoardRoom magazine

Distinguished Practices

In support of the 5 Quality Standards, we use 37 specific Distinguished Practices as our criteria.


  • IconDisplay of history and brand throughout the clubhouse, other buildings, and employee areas
  • IconProper branding for the club on the website, public areas of clubhouse, social media, and promotional materials
  • IconAppropriate level (non-intrusive to membership) of outside banquet and golf tournament events
  • IconA unified focus on member experience vs. amenities
  • IconConsistent and timely membership communication through multiple channels to inform every member of current and future offerings
  • IconCreate, implement, and update Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to memorialize ongoing and frequent operational activities


  • IconA true people-first mentality/focus and plan
  • IconA team with a pleasant demeanor and a professional appearance
  • IconCreate and maintain robust talent acquisition, retention, and professional development systems
  • IconMeasure member’s needs, preferences, and satisfaction on a regular basis and take timely corrective action
  • IconA formal program to anticipate the needs of members/guests and training for the front line team


  • IconOngoing education for all volunteer stakeholders including board of directors and committee chairs and members
  • IconActive and currently implemented board approved (where appropriate) multi-year plans
  • IconAppropriate initiation fees and dues relative to other clubs in region and/or nation
  • IconMembership capped with a wait list to join the club (does not apply to certain types of clubs)
  • IconDefined membership approval process which includes a sponsor
  • IconBoard member election process based on most qualified candidates
  • IconPractice a fact-based decision-making business model
  • IconTransparent and effective communication to all stakeholders
  • IconUtilize proven performance management systems to set goals and measure outcomes
  • IconEnsure seamless transitions of board, committees, and senior staff


  • IconCreate an environment which stimulates all five of the human senses
  • IconClean and pristine facilities and equipment
  • IconRecent or planned renovated facility areas to reflect current trends and demands of the club and similar in condition to other Distinguished Clubs
  • IconSustainability initiatives that have a positive impact on member experience, club financials, and the environment.
  • IconSafe, comfortable, and productive employee and member environments
  • IconAssets of major purpose for the club in quality condition and similar to other Distinguished Clubs
  • IconAll furniture, fixtures, and equipment are in great working order (including HVAC, plumbing, sewer, electrical, and audio visual)
  • IconFacilities are designed and operated in a manner to exceed members’ expectations


  • IconCreating innovative and one of a kind club experiences that attract the next generation of member
  • IconMatch member expectations to the club’s primary purpose
  • IconConsistency, quality and variety are a daily focus for the Club
  • IconA comprehensive and well-rounded wellness program, utilizing the available club facilities in creative ways
  • IconDining, food and beverage, and special events executed to exceed expectations
  • IconAll areas of major purpose for the club deliver an exceptional member experience
  • IconDevelop a written set of standards for each department (golf, racquet, swim, marina, etc.) which manages an exceptional member experience.

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Since we began the Distinguished Clubs award program, we have conducted over 500 in-person onsite survey visits and,
along the way, have personally interviewed several thousand general managers and leadership staff.

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